A popular trend spanning from the1950s to the 1980s was the installation of popcorn ceilings. A popcorn ceiling is a sprayed or painted on ceiling treatment that was most often used residentially. Do you have dirty, damaged popcorn ceilings in the Tulsa area you wish to have removed? Do you feel like your popcorn ceilings outdate your living space? Drywall Repair Specialists can make that happen.

Popcorn ceilings have a bumpy, clumpy, texture, often described to have the appearance of “cottage cheese.” Many popcorn ceilings also have tiny specks of glitter. One of the reasons for the decline of the popcorn ceiling fad was due to the difficulty to preserve and maintain its look. Over time, popcorn ceilings can become dirty, discolored, or damaged from normal living in a space. Another reason for its removal is due to its popularity many years ago; it tends to date a house. Removing your popcorn ceiling can greatly update and refine your living space.

Whatever the motivation behind wanting your popcorn ceiling removed, Drywall Repair Specialists is committed to bringing quality service to the Tulsa area. Drywall Repair Specialists offer free estimates for your project as well, giving you the confidence of affordable pricing for a job done right.

You can expect prompt and professional service for the removal of your popcorn ceiling. Drywall Repair Specialists also offer a walk-through with their customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Drywall Repair Specialists place a focus on quality work and job site cleanliness, two notable qualities for popcorn ceiling removal.

Owner, Chad Potter, member of Home Builders Association, has been working in the field of drywall repair since 1992, offering years of experience to ensure quality work, sure to satisfy your needs. Let Drywall Repair Specialists of Tulsa help you with your popcorn ceiling removal project.


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